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Louise te Poele: Into the Pleasure Dome

Mirrored plates, abstract horse figures, flapping robes, a colourful sea of flowers; with photographic and three-dimensional works, multidisciplinary artist Louise te Poele creates an all-encompassing experience for visitors. In her latest solo exhibition Into the Pleasure Dome, te Poele questions the role of man in relation to nature.

‘Reality is an unsolvable puzzle at times. Of course, I sometimes wonder: to what extent does the world bend until it snaps or is its elasticity greater than we might think? And do we sometimes simply have to get used to all new manifestations’, says te Poele. Averse to modern cynicism and with her own train of thought as the most important primal source, Into the Pleasure Dome by te Poele offers a surrealistic sense of wonder in turbulent times.

Using photographic works and installations, te Poele has transformed three exhibition spaces into living works of art. With an ‘Infinty Room’, a ‘Flower Abundance Room’ and a ‘Recovery Room’, te Poele questions the dividing line between inside and outside, between restriction and freedom, between animal and nature. Visitors are challenged to step into the works of art and literally crawl into her creations. Be welcome, but realise that every step in this Pleasure Dome resonates and influences the works. Do I see a tail moving?

On the occasion of Mondrian’s 150th birthday, Villa Mondriaan is exhibiting contemporary local talent. Like Mondriaan, te Poele and designer Joris Laarman originate from the Achterhoek and exhibit their work all over the world.

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