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The dissemination of knowledge is of great importance to the Villa Mondriaan. An ongoing pedagogical program will be developed in cooperation with the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag and the Komrij High School for the Secondary level II in Winterswijk. Work on an additional program for primary classes as well as an extension of special educational events for children in German-speaking areas is also under way. School classes are always welcome in the Villa Mondriaan. Two classrooms are available for use.

If you are interested or have individual requests, please contact us through educatie@villamondriaan.nl. We look forward to your suggestions!


Would you like to not only see the artwork currently displayed in the exhibit “Back to the past”, but also encourage the artistic abilities of your students? Villa Mondriaan makes exactly this possible for you.

Villa Mondriaan has the brand new education space of the Villa Atelier, in which students can exert themselves creatively after a round through the museum.

Model a Mondriaan

Interpret Mondriaan anew! In this workshop, students can be street artists and copy certain early artworks by Mondriaan that are of course also on view at the museum, with the aid of templates, graffiti, newspaper cuttings, paints and pencils.

Create your own oil paints

Students make their own oil paints with pigments and linseed oil, just as the old masters did. After creating these authentic oil paints, students can of course work with the paint they have just created. When creating one’s own masterpiece, one naturally has to be able to get the most out of the paint’s effects!

The workshops are appropriate for the upper classes of elementary school as well as the lower classes of middle school.


The tour and workshop cost €7,50 per student.


The program (tour and workshop) last a total of two hours. The workshop is always coupled with a museum visit.

Didn’t find a program that fits your school’s program? Contact us at educatie@villamondriaan.nl It is always possible to arrange the workshop and museum visit of your wishes! We are happily at your service.