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Homage to Mondriaan: the Mondriaan family home today

In 1880 Mondriaan dreamed away from his bedroom window at the sight of the apple tree in the kitchen garden. With its wild branches the tree must have made a special impression on the young painter. Even in later life Mondriaan takes nature as his starting point, although Mondrian’s abstract tree is almost unrecognisable as such. Nor is recognisability important for the 37 tables and stools that will bring the Mondriaan family home to life in the summer of 2024. In cooperation with Galerie Conny van Kasteel 37 international artists paid homage to Mondrian. With their clean lines, explosive colours, plexiglass and wood, these tables and stools are anything but ordinary. Let us surprise you with Homage to Mondriaan: the Mondriaan family hoem today and experience the Villa of the artist’s family as never before.

This exhibition was created in cooperation with Galerie Conny van Kasteel.

Photo: Ivo Balderi

Participating artists: Getulio Alviani, Stephan Fillitz, Andre van Lier, Peter Royen, Albert Rubens, E.R.Nele, Norbert Thomas, Jac Bisschop, Go de Graaf, Henk van Gerner, Peter Jansen, Yvonne Kracht, Anneke Klein Kranenbarg, Wicher Meursing, Riki Mijling, Henk Peeters, Anthonie Sas, Marry Teeuwen, Roel Teeuwen, Piet van Zon, Kengirō Azuma, Iginio Balderi, Inge Besgen, Enrico Castellani, Hans Günter Dienst, Andre Evrard, Rolf Forster, Julian Gil, Ernst Hesse, Alfons Kunen, Umberto Mariani, Jean Mauboulès, Lucio del Pezzo, Mauro Staccioli, Rezso Somfai, Loek Bos en Willem Kloppers.

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