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With his 3D printed objects, Dirk Van der Kooij (1983) combines design with technology. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with the design ‘Endless Prototyping’. The precise technique of 3D printing during his graduation made it a difficult and time-consuming process to print a chair. With the concept of ‘Endless Prototyping’, Van der Kooij was therefore the first person to print a larger object.

Van der Kooij makes the machines that produce his furniture himself. He prefers to use only recycled material in his designs. The structure of the plastic plays a major role and differs per object because of the recycled material. No object by Van der Kooij is therefore the same. In the Villa Mondriaan museum, a total of 6 special chairs and an equally special lamp are on display. These objects are accompanied by a video in which the production process is explained in a unique way.

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