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The elusiveness of photographer André Thijssen

From March 2 to September 16 the autonomous art of photographer André Thijssen (1948) will be exhibited in the former parental home of Piet Mondriaan. Thijssen’s oeuvre is characterized by elusiveness. He observes and pictures situations in the street, which ordinary people often do not notice on their way from A to B. He catches the commonplace triviality in a clear and powerful image so that the audience experiences the world around them to the full. Inspired by Mondriaan’s early work Thijssen selected some of his best photographs for this exhibition.

In another room we see the daring project Faxinatie, in which André Thijssen gives a second life to an old-fashioned medium of communication. In the nineties Thijssen and art director Hans Wolf sent each other on a daily basis fax messages with their reaction to an image from the press. With humour and amazement, they were wondering about what happened around them. Their informal chats unfolded into a truly artistic project. Of the over 4000 fax messages they compiled 618 in the book Faxination which was published in 2018. Villa Mondriaan is proud to show this work for the first time in a museum context.

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