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New junior directeur

24 Feb 2023

New(s) from Münster! ◊ Kristina Meier


Hi my name is Kristina Meier and I am the new junior director of public and program since February 2023. I am currently in my second year of my undergraduate studies in art history and neerlandism at Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster, Germany. Because I want to further develop my Dutch language and my experiences in the museum, I am going to do an internship abroad for six months and have chosen museum Villa Mondrian. During this time in the museum I hope to learn a lot and meet the people of Winterswijk for a short period of time and gather nice experiences about Piet Mondrian and his story!

I would like to get first experiences in the organization and be involved in art education and tours myself, which I would like to practice with appointment of the museum for the first time. I would like to specialize in the field of art education in my master of art history and see in this internship a good opportunity to get in touch with that in a safe atmosphere.

“My favorite work by Piet Mondrian is Wheat Sheaves in the Field, 1892. The painting is tremendously detailed with the thickly applied brushstrokes and sunny landscape. Piet painted this enormous work of art when he was 20 years old and it still continues to amaze me! I encourage everyone to see the painting for themselves at the museum as they discover all the details.”


Afbeelding: Piet Mondriaan, Korenschoven in het veld,1892. olieverf op karton. Collectie Kunstmuseum Den Haag

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