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Introducing: new junior director of education Bianca

9 Feb 2023

My name is Bianca Lurvink and I was born and raised in Winterswijk. Since a few months I am living in the village again after living in Rotterdam and finishing the study Interactive Performance Design at the HKU. Seeing Piet’s artworks from his early period feels like coming home to the Achterhoek and gives me new insights into the place I come from. I would like to share this personal experience and what art can bring about in people. As an artist I mainly make interactive and immersive works of art in which the public plays an important role. In the next six months I will be working as junior director of education at the museum. I see it as my mission to let people experience that art is for everyone and that an own contribution in this, in whatever way, can enrich life.
One of my favorite works of art is “Farmer’s Wife with Cow. I think the colors Mondrian uses make it a great work of art. And at the same time, the opposing forces of the woman and the cow splash off the image. What also appeals to me is that the drawing is a study by Mondrian of Julien Dupré’s painting Au Pâturage. This study drawing seems unfinished, which also makes the work and Pete’s role vulnerable to me. I see a study in which someone is trying, working and making a craft their own. For me, this is an inspiration to keep on telling stories, making artworks and wanting to inspire other people myself.

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