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Paul Salet: From discarded furniture to Dutch Design

Old furniture is brought to life in the Dutch Design exhibition of Paul Salet, on show in museum Villa Mondriaan from September 29 onwards. Salet responds to the current disposable culture in his designs. In his view there is more than enough furniture in the world. Many chairs made of sturdy and useful material finish their lives on the pavement or in the second-hand shop. Instead of producing new furniture Salet remodels his designs from discarded furniture. By endlessly sawing, planing and sanding he liberates the old chairs from their shapes. Therefore unique chairs, two-seater settees, tables and chests come to life as light and functional creations. Discarded objects obtain new value through Salet’s work.

Salet is the new artist who contributes to the series of Dutch Design exhibitions with his carefully tooled design furniture. Villa Mondriaan shows this series for 100 Years of De Stijl: From Mondriaan to Dutch Design. From September 29, 2017 both Paul Salet’s work and Young & Promising can be seen in Villa Mondriaan.

Image: Paul Salet, Noir nr.2 (2017). Atelier Paul Salet

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