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De Vroege Mondriaan (in Dutch)

The first publication by the Villa Mondriaan was published upon the museum’s opening and illustrated the history of the former home of Mondriaan in Winterswijk. Articles from Wim Scholz, Coos Versteegh and Hans Janssen illuminate the historical development surrounding the house, trace the history of the Mondriaan family and observe the work of Piet Mondriaan from an art historical perspective.
Available for purchase at the Villa Mondriaan and assorted bookstores for 17.50 euros.

Mondriaan and Nolde in Nature (in Dutch and German)

On the occasion of the major summer exhibit of Mondriaan and Nolde in Nature, the Villa Mondriaan produced an eponymous catalog available in German and Dutch. The two painters, Emil Nolde and Piet Mondriaan, literally made their artistry their own through natural ways. Both would become famous for their later works, while focusing at the beginning of their careers on landscapes. The exhibit and catalog showcase the fascinating early periods of Mondriaan and Nolde, in which the beauty of the landscape and flowers is of central importance.
Available for purchase at the Villa Mondriaan and assorted bookstores for €17,50.

Holger Niehaus – Handmade (in Dutch)

For the photographic still lives by Holger Niehaus, that are on view at the Villa Mondriaan till September 14th, Nell Schellekens specially created matching recipes. Schellekens is the head chef of the Winterswijk restaurant De Gulle Waard and describes herself as a “top-to-bottom chef”. Be it meat, fruit or vegetables—she doesn’t throw anything away and uses everything from the head to the tail in her recipes. This book collects the most famous dishes by Schellekens together with the colorful photos of Holger Niehaus.
Available for purchase at the Villa Mondriaan and Van Zoetendaal Uitgevers for €27,50.

Mondriaan Hike (in Dutch, German and English)

Follow in the footsteps of Mondriaan through Winterswijk! The Mondriaan hike takes you through the village along various places that Piet Mondriaan visited in his youth and that played a significant role in the development of his painting.
Available for purchase at the Villa Mondriaan for €3,50.