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Wheat sheaves in the field, 1892, oil on cardboard, Collection Art Museum The Hague.

At first glance, this painting does not appear to be by Piet Mondrian. The dense brushstrokes and sunny landscape may be more reminiscent of Van Gogh. But this painting is by Mondrian. He still adheres to the rules of painting. Consequently, he created the work when his career as a painter was still in its infancy.

Mondrian builds the landscape by directing the viewer’s gaze from the large to the small. In this way, you automatically look at the horizon. In doing so, he creates shapes from light areas of color that he lays over dark ones. The bush on the left not only has a dark color, but also casts shadows because of the thick paint on the painting. In the distance, Mondrian paints two people working in the field. Although he devotes only a few, small brushstrokes to them, they are easy to spot. However, to see this, you need to visit the painting in the museum itself.

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