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Mondrian to Dutch Design: 100 years The Style

Exactly 100 years ago the art magazine and movement De Stijl was founded in The Netherlands. To celebrate this jubilee the Dutch Office for Tourism and Conferences organises ‘From Mondrian to Dutch Design’ in close collaboration with museums all over The Netherlands. Tourists and art lovers from The Netherlands and abroad are invited to get acquainted with all kinds of themes connected to De Stijl in a special tour through the country. For more information about these celebrations please go to this website.

Events in Winterswijk

An extensive programme of concerts and other cultural events will be organized to celebrate this jubilee in Winterswijk, where Piet Mondriaan used to live before he went to Amsterdam.

Figuratie in Stijl

Vilmos Huszár (1884-1960), Bloeinde Appelboom (1957), collectie Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Villa Mondriaan is proud to be one of the partners in the celebrations and will be devoted to De Stijl. Our permanent collection shows the early realistic and figurative oeuvre of Piet Mondriaan. Besides the special exhibition Figuration in Style will be launched during the annual event in honour of Piet Mondriaan’s birthday in early March. In the beginning of the twentieth century the art movement De Stijl caused a lot of commotion by enthusiastically championing abstraction. In order to reach universal harmony artist such as Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg, Vilmos Huszár and Bart van der Leck had a strong preference for geometric forms and primary colours. It is little known that these founders of De Stijl started their careers by painting realistic landscapes and portraits. Amongst others both Mondrian and Van der Leck kept painting realistic pieces besides their abstract work until their death. Our exhibition Figuration in Stijl turns the spotlight on the area of tension between realistic and abstract art forms which will be explored further in our museum.  Both the early and late figurative oeuvre of the pioneers of abstraction will be the centrepiece of our exhibition.

Dutch Design

Speciaal voor 100 jaar De Stijl zal ook het Paviljoen voor Hedendaagse Kunst van Villa Mondriaan gedurende het hele jaar in het teken staan van Dutch Design en jonge kunstenaars die geïnspireerd zijn door Mondriaan en zijn tijdsgenoten. In het Paviljoen worden verschillende facetten van Dutch Design belicht door vernieuwende designers er een podium te geven. Dutch Design in Villa Mondriaan wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Arco, een innovatieve Winterswijkse meubelfabriek met een lange geschiedenis. Arco ontwerpt, ontwikkelt en produceert op slimme en eigen manier design tafels en andere meubelen.

Especially for 100 years of De Stijl our Pavilion for Contemporary Art will be devoted to Dutch Design and young artists who have been inspired by Mondrian and his contemporaries. We will shed light on different aspects of Dutch Design by offering innovative designers the opportunity to exhibit their work in Villa Mondriaan. Dutch Design in Villa Mondriaan is made possible by Arco, an innovative furniture factory from Winterswijk with a long history. Arco, designs, develops and produces design tables and other furniture in their own smart way.

Piet's Birthday Party!

On March 3, 4 and 5 Villa Mondriaan will celebrate Piet’s birthday party. Piet Mondrian would have been 145 years old if still alive on March the 7th, 2017. From this weekend onwards the museum will be open six days a week , which in itself  gives us an occasion to celebrate with a festive weekend in honour of one of Winterswijks most famous residents. During this weekend visitors will be offered a discount on their entry price. And the hero of the feast will tree his guests to entry for €4,50 and a free cup of tea or coffee plus birthday cake.

The Mystery of Mondrian

In close collaboration with Villa Mondriaan Lisanne Halleriet – owner of the successful Locked Escape Room in Winterswijk  - is preparing a real Mondrian Escape Room, which will be opened at the beginning of 2017. It will offer a mysterious and exciting experience during Mondrian’s life, its plot leading the players through his life in Winterswijk, Amsterdam, Paris and New York. Can you escape successfully and unravel the Mondrian Mystery?

Menschen-Worte: a musical theatre programme around Hans Arp’s poetry

On May 28th, 2017 Villa Mondriaan opens its doors to the musical theatre programme around Hans Arp’s poems. The visual artist and poet Hans Arp belonged to the art movement De Stijl, collaborating amongst others with its founder Theo van Doesburg. His absurdist poetry forms the basis of a collage-like performance in Villa Mondriaan. The accompanying music was composed by Astrid Kruisselbrink in collaboration with the musicians of the KNARS Foundation.  Menschen-worteis a coproduction with the Kröller-Müller Museum. Be prepared for a playful performance among Mondrian’s oeuvre.

Mondriaan by Night

On September the 23rd there will be an evening of music, art and culture in Winterswijk. The town and especially its centre will be magically transformed into a boogie-woogie paradise, which Mondrian would have appreciated immensely.

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