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Sensory Experience Amsterdamse Joffers | ages 12 and up

Saturday 4 March 13:30 a.m.

The Amsterdam Joffers are a group of artists who mostly got to know each other around 1900 at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, where Mondriaan was also studying at the time. The Joffers were highly appreciated by art critics with their figurative still lifes and portraits. Their works were collected and exhibited in many places. After their death, the Joffers were forgotten and vilified; they were said not to have been innovative enough. Museum Villa Mondriaan and Stichting de Kunsttunnel are putting the Joffers back on the map. During this Sensory Experience, all your senses will be stimulated. Join the discovery of the world and time of the Amsterdam Joffers and Piet Mondrian. Smell, listen, taste and above all look closely. Together we will literally make the paintings come alive!

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Image: Marie van Regteren Altena (1868 – 1958), Flower Still Life, Oil on canvas, Collection Stichting de Kunsttunnel

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