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Open Call Young and Promising: Birth Ground

From 3 November 2023 to 15 April 2024, Villa Mondrian will show work by contemporary talent in dialogue with Piet Mondrian in the exhibition Young & Promising: Birth Ground

Museum Villa Mondrian is the museum for coming-of-age. The world-famous Piet Mondrian developed his artistry during his teenage years in this villa in Winterswijk. Besides masterpieces by the young Mondrian, the museum displays works by both established and contemporary artists in their search for their own signature. The artists have one thing in common: like the young Mondrian, they are all in a turbulent phase of development.

For Young & Promising, we ask artists -in the early stages of their artistic career- to flesh out the theme ”Birth Ground”. Birth ground can refer to the emotional bond with a certain area, living conditions or, in a broader sense, to people. The discipline (video/installation/ceramics/AI) is free.

All information and practical details can be found via this link: Villa Mondrian Open Call Exhibition Young and Promising: Birth Ground

Interested? Send your proposal to directie@villamondriaan.nl before 30 June. For questions about the Open Call, please contact: 0543 – 515 400.