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“Practice makes perfect”: the artist’s family in focus

Starting in March 2023, every Tuesday evening at the Museum Villa Mondrian will be dedicated to art history classes. The events will take place on March 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

In 2023, Museum Villa Mondrian will celebrate its 10th anniversary. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the principles of Piet Mondrian’s career as an artist. The developments that shaped the young Mondriaan are almost as fragmentary as the landscape of the Achterhoekse scenery. Like a veritable collage, Mondrian’s mastery of painting technique, his interest in nature (beauty), and theosophy culminate in groundbreaking art. The collectivity of these fragmented experiences is linked in part by family ties.

The course “Practice Makes Perfect” focuses on art in the family. It is well known that Piet Mondrian learned much in his early years from his uncle Frits and from his father Pieter Cornelis Mondrian. Uncle Frits in particular had a great influence on Piet’s decision to become an artist. The course will not only deal with the Mondriaan family, but also with a number of artist families such as Orazio Gentileschi and his daughter Artemisia, Mathias Withoos and his children, Johannes Hermanus Koekkoek and his sons, Jozef and Isaac Israëls, the Maris brothers, Pierre Cuypers and his son Joseph, Antoine Pevsner and his brother Naam Gabo and last but not least Jan Toorop, daughter Charley and her son Edgar Fernhout.

This and more in the art history classes on March 7, 14, 21 and 28!

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Location: Museum Villa Mondriaan, meeting room Jan van der Ploeg
Course instructor: Maria Driessen
Fee: €95
Cost for volunteers and friends of the museum: €85.


Foto: Piet Mondriaan with his brothers and sister [v.l.n.r.: Carel (1880-1956), Pieter Cornelius (Piet), Johanna Christina (1870-1939), Willem Frederik (1874-1945), Louis (1877-1943)]. 1890. Foto. Location unknown

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