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New special long-term loans in Villa Mondriaan

Museum Villa Mondriaan is delighted to have added two long-term loans to its collection. The first is an early Mondriaan from his Amsterdam period and the other is an innovative still-life by photographer Louise te Poele who was born in Winterswijk. 


Innovative still-life by Louise te Poele

In the exhibition ‘Young and Promising’ (29th of September 2017 – 25th of February 2018) young photographers responded to Piet Mondriaan’s early work. Louise te Poele was selected to take a new artistic photograph based on Piet Mondriaan’s Your word is truth (1894). She made the semi-circle Welcome to the pleasure dôme Mondriaan, creating a full circle. During the exhibition Te Poele’s photo turned out to be the visitors’ favourite. Because the two works are complementary Museum Villa Mondriaan is very grateful to a private person to have presented this piece as a long-term loan. As a result, the two pieces can be admired together in Villa Mondriaan, even after the closure of the exhibition ‘Young and Promising’.

Above: Piet Mondriaan, Your word is truth (1894).
Below: Louise te Poele, Welcome to the pleasure dôme Mondriaan (2017).


Early Mondriaan

At the start of his career Piet Mondriaan used to paint many landscapes and farmhouses, which he set eyes on when roaming the countryside. Even after he moved from Winterswijk to the city of Amsterdam, Mondriaan in 1892, Mondriaan loved to visit the countryside. At the start of the 20th century he painted Farmhouses at a canal with a small barge. This particular farmhouse can be seen in several paintings by Mondriaan. Gijs Jolink (known for Zwarte Cross festival and Mañana Mañana) donated this work as a loan to the museum in order to offer as many people as possible to enjoy this painting.

The oil painting can now be seen in the exhibition Back to the past: Mondriaan, Sluijters and Spoor reunited. This exhibition focuses on the early work of the artists Piet Mondriaan, Jan Sluijters and Cees Spoor.
Louise te Poele’s photograph and Mondriaan’s Your word is truth can be seen in the permanent collection of early Mondriaans of the museum. 

Piet Mondriaan, Farmhouses at a canal with a small barge (1900-1901). Loan from Gijs Jolink.

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