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New exhibition: Mondriaan de Mesquita

In its winter exhibition Mondriaan de Mesquita (27 September 2019 - 1 March 2020) Museum Villa Mondriaan compares the great artist Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944) with graphic designer, decorative and drawing artist Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita (1868-1944).

The name Mondriaan is known to everyone, but only few people have heard of De Mesquita. Both artists went against the current fashion of subjectivity and strived towards their own versions of abstraction. De Mesquita sought to eliminate all subjectivity from his subject, essentially creating an archetype. Whereas Mondriaan

Mondriaan found the abstraction in the straight lines and primary colours and De Mesquita in generalizing an image to its archetype. Nevertheless, De Mesquita's work was considered too traditional in the light of the post-war popularity of international modernism and De Stijl, with its emphasis on spontaneity and originality. The exhibition Mondriaan De Mesquita places the two so differently criticized artists in line.

The Mesquita was a well-educated artist, who worked with different media and techniques. He painted in oil, made drawings, watercolours, etchings, woodcuts, decorated fabrics and even developed his own techniques. This diversity also shows in his subjects. When he turned his gaze outward, he drew reality, nature and the people around him. When his gaze turned inward, there were imaginative representations full of wondrous figures, his so-called sensitivist works.

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Additional exhibitions: Celine van den Boorn, Arnout Visser and Textiles in the Villa

Besides Mondriaan De Mesquita, Museum Villa Mondriaan opens three other exhibitions on September 27th. Photographer and artist Celine van den Boorn shows her work in the pavilion. Her cheerful images full of colourful dots and hovering hands hide a deeper meaning. Van den Boorn removes the presence of man by painting over it so that an orderly and happy world remains visible. Behind this ideal world images are hidden in which e.g. the ordeal of refugees is shown. With this contrast, Van den Boorn is questioning the refugee problem.

On the design platform, form-finder Arnout Visser presents his organic creations of glass in combination with a film about his spectacular production process. For example, his Basketstools are created by filling an osier basket with melted glass, after which the willow branches are burnt away and a glass pouf or stool with willow print remains.

In the villa, the former family home, the exhibition Textiles in the villa shows the history of the textile industry in Winterswijk and the role the white villa played in it. Through historical objects and personal stories, you are told about the industry and its foreign employees who used to live in the villa in the nineteen seventies.

All exhibitions will be on show in Museum Villa Mondriaan up to March 1st, 2020.

Image 1: Celine van den Boorn, Near the European border #17, 2018, Acrylic on photo on aluminium

Image 2: Arnout Visser, Big Mushroom