zonnebrink 4, 7101 nc winterswijk

Villa Mondriaan first museum in The Netherlands with a permanent escape room


On April 12, the world’s very first Mondrian escape room opened in Winterswijk. This escape room is a cooperation between the two young entrepreneurs Lisanne Halleriet (22) from Escape Room Winterswijk and Judith Kadee (24), Director of museum Villa Mondriaan in Winterswijk. This makes Museum Villa Mondriaan the first museum in The Netherlands with a permanent escape room.

In ‘The Mystery of Mondrian’, visitors are challenged to unravel the great mystery of Mondrian by solving exciting tasks and puzzles. The escape room can be played by anyone: both young and old, from escape room-fans to art aficionados. Players have exactly one hour to escape the room working together in order to do so.

The Mondrian escape room fits in perfectly within the international theme year ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design: 100 years of De Stijl’. Lisanne Halleriet: “Last year, when I heard that 2017 would be the year of De Stijl – and therefor Piet Mondrian – I knew right away: I have to do something with this. The fact that Piet Mondrian used to live in Winterswijk and we have a museum dedicated to Mondrian, made it into a complete picture. And so, a great collaboration was born!”

More information: www.escaperoomwinterswijk.nl 
Address escape room: Laan van Hilbelink 6, 7101 WG Winterswijk


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