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Young & Promising

Villa Mondriaan, 29 September 2017 until 25 February 2018

Museum Villa Mondriaan focuses on the young talent of Piet Mondriaan. The latest exhibition 'Young & Promising' pays attention to young artistic talent from both the past and the present. The museum selected eight young and talented photographers from a shortlist that was compiled in cooperation with FOAM (Museum of Photography Amsterdam). They were asked to react artistically to an early Mondriaan. The photographs of, among others, Louise te Poele, Vytautas Kumža and Lonneke van der Palen hang side by side with Mondriaan’s work. Other participants are Larissa Ambachtsheer, Tessa van Rijn, Eva Roovers, Liesbeth Oosterom and Satijn Panyigay. Mondriaan’s young talent is a source of inspiration for today’s young talents. Read more here

Left: Piet Mondrian, Cows in a Shed (ca. 1898-1899). Collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Right: Satijn Panyigay, La Pieta (2016). Gallery Caroline O’Breen

Besides Young & Promising other exceptional exhibitions can be visited in the museum. All year long the hundredth anniversary of the art movement De Stijl will be celebrated. The colourful patterns of the Dutch designer Christie van der Haak are exhibited in the Arco pavilion, which shows designs especially created for 100 years De Stijl: Mondriaan to Dutch Design. The influence of De Stijl can also be detected in the reconstructed bedroom designed by Vilmos Huszár and Piet Klaarhamer.

Dutch Design at Villa Mondriaan

In honour of the centenary of De Stijl, museum Villa Mondriaan is exhibiting Dutch Design this whole year in the museum’s Arco-pavilion. After the successful exhibitions by design studio Raw Color and ceramics studio Cor Unum, a new exhibition has been opened on the 3rd of August. This exhibition displays work by Christie van der Haak. Furthermore there is carefully woodworked furniture on display by Dutch Designer Paul Salet .

Dutch Design: Christie van der Haak (3 August until 25 February 2018)

Dutch Design: Christie van der Haak at the Arco-pavilion (detail).

In this exhibition Christie van der Haak combines traditional, exuberant patterns with contemporary design techniques. The Arco Pavilion will be dressed in decorative wall and floor tapestries during the exhibit. The combination of handcraft and mechanical techniques is at the core of her work. Through her versatile approaches, the distance between mass products and autonomous artwork is reduced. Read more about this exhibition here.

Due to continued success the exhibition by Christie van der Haak will be extended until the 25th of February 2018.

Dutch Design: Paul Salet (29 September 2017 until 25 February 2018)

Paul Salet, Noir nr.2 (2017). Atelier Paul Salet

Salet responds to the current disposable culture in his designs. In his view there is more than enough furniture in the world. Many chairs made of sturdy and useful material finish their lives on the pavement or in the second-hand shop. Instead of producing new furniture Salet remodels his designs from discarded furniture. Read more here.