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Villa Mondriaan acquires Mondriaan painting

Villa Mondriaan announced today that it may add a new painting to its collection of early Mondriaan paintings. Piet Mondriaan paintedThree haystacks in a field, 36 x 46 centimeters, while he was living in Amsterdam. He would often travel outside the city and paint landscapes the twilight, because of the interesting contrasts. An example of this contrast is visible in the sharp difference between the dramatic colours of the sunset, and the dark large shapes of the haystacks.

The work has been purchased by a private sponsor, who has given it in loan to Villa Mondriaan. Three haystacks in a field was bought at Christie’s in Amsterdam, and is part of the well-known Dr. Esser collection. Because Dr. Esser would buy his paintings directly from Mondriaan, some of the works do not even bear his signature. The painting will be on view at Villa Mondriaan in Winterswijk soon.

Image: Piet Mondriaan (1872 - 1944), Three haystacks in a field, 1907.

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