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Christmas gift for Villa Mondriaan

Villa Mondriaan received a Christmas gift from the neighbouring municipality of Bronckhorst. Two early Mondriaan paintings titled Church near water (1890) en Ships in moonlight (1890) from Bronckhorst’s collection are now on long-term loan at Villa Mondriaan. For years, the paintings were hung in the mayor’s office, but they now have a new destination. From mid-December 2015 onwards, these two paintings will be on view in the continuous exhibition of Mondriaan’s early work.

The paintings are very valuable for Villa Mondriaan. Piet Mondriaan made a number of copies of paintings and drawings in his early years. He did this in order to improve his techniques, and to supplement his small income. Both Church near water and Ships in moonlight are copies from other paintings. Piet Mondriaan presumably painted these works from prints he saw in the collection of one of his early mentors, Jan Braet von Überfeldt. It is clear that Mondriaan is still experimenting with his style, his signature also appears different from his later signatures. The paintings are currently on view in the exhibition ‘Flourish in Paint, contemporary artists next to Mondrian’.

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